Should You Use a Hot Tub Naked? 3 Things to Know

Thinking about whether you should use a hot tub naked or not? This topic is one of the more taboo hot tub subjects people seem to be curious about, so today I thought I’d cover it (no pun intended).

Suit on or suit off—show some class and respect the wishes of other people no matter what you decide. Public hotel spas are no place for using a hot tub naked. Just remember: there’s a time and place for everything.

Should you use a hot tub naked?

As long as you are clean, there is nothing wrong with using your own hot tub naked. If you haven’t showered and are filthy, never use a hot tub as a workaround; you’ll only contaminate the water with dirt.

A practical reason you may want to use a hot tub naked: you won’t need to worry about drying your wet bathing suit after each use. For me, hanging up a bathing suit is inconvenient, especially if I’m using a hot tub every day.

3 tips for using a hot tub naked

If you do decide to take a dip in a hot tub in the nude, here are a few tips to make this experience even more comfortable.

1. Have your robes nearby

If you prefer using your hot tub naked, I recommend picking up a robe rack. You can use a hook, a mount with a bar to hang your towels, or something similar.

Instead of hanging up your towels, I prefer the next item on this list: a towel warmer

2. Use a towel warmer in the winter

Toweling off in the freezing cold is not fun, so why have hot towels ready? These towel warmers make cold nights a lot more comfortable. Especially if you’re using your hot tub naked, dropping a couple of towels off before you undress is a great idea.

It typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes to warm towels up, perfect for a normal hot tub session.

I like this model by Comfier I recently covered in this post on my favorite winter hot tub accessories.

3. Use a privacy screen if needed

Unless you live on a few acres of land or have backyard privacy, I highly recommend installing some sort of privacy screen if you plan to take the plunge naked.

curtains for pool privacy

Check out my post on 9 hot tub privacy options to find one that suits you. From gazebos with retractable shades to retractable barriers, there are several enclosure devices on the market.

If you live close to other 2-story houses, it’s a good idea to pick up a gazebo or covered canopy to avoid people seeing you from their upstairs rooms!

One last tip: understand hot tub etiquette

If you are not using your own hot tub, be sure you follow proper hot tub etiquette based on where you are and who owns the hot you are using. If you are dirty, shower off. In public? Bring your towels and ensure you have enough privacy.

Not everyone is cool with naked strangers in their own hot tub, so know the room before you make this decision!

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