7 Best RC Boats for the Pool: What to Know

No matter what type of pool you own or enjoy, remote-controlled or RC boats can be an incredibly fun toy to spend an afternoon enjoying by the pool. Even when it’s too cold to swim in your pool in the winter, RC boats make a great addition to any winter pool party.

Since there are so many types of RC boats on the market available these days, today wanted to take a moment to break down what’s out there.

Since there are so many types of RC boats on the market available these days, today wanted to take a moment to break down what’s out there.

Tips for using RC boats in pools

  1. Consider a small radio-controlled boat if you have a pool with a liner—and be careful. The last thing you want is to puncture the liner with a high-speed boat.
  2. Never use petroleum-powered. boats
  3. If you have a saltwater pool, select a model rated for saltwater use.

In the rest of this post, I’ll break down 9 of the best RC boats for pool use I’ve found on the market, why I like each one, whether or not they include chargers, and where to buy one online.

1. Cheerwing RC Racing Boat

Features I like

  • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Capsize recovery
  • Low battery alarm

Where to Buy

The Cheerwing RC Racing Boat is the perfect RC boat in terms of affordability. Out of all the choices on the list, I’d say this one is the most kid-friendly and pocket-friendly. The maximum speed of this RC boat is 15 miles per hour which makes it perfect for pools.

Even at around $50, this boat includes some nifty features like a motor cooling system and capsize recovery feature. Features like capsize recovery are extremely handy for winter use.

Cheerwing has several high-end boat models that go much faster, but this one is a great choice for small pools and if you are just getting into RC boats.

2. Alpharev R308 RC Boat

Features I like

  • LED lights
  • Storage case
  • Autopilot mode

Where to Buy

If you want a good entry-level RC boat you can play with in the pool, the Alpharev R308 is a great package that includes a lot. This RC Boat includes an anti-capsize hull system but also includes a few more advanced features like a double hatch design and a water cooling motor that works in both fresh and saltwater pools.

This model also includes LED lights, which makes it really fun at night if your pool has lights. If your children are still very young, don’t worry– this RC boat has autopilot mode. During full-speed operation, you can expect it to run for around 20 minutes without any fuss or bother.

This is a pretty feature-rich RC boat and also comes with a carrying case for both the boat and batteries—not a standard feature for many boats.

3. Bezgar TX121 RC Boat

Features I like

  • Fully transparent cover with LED lights
  • 500 ft range
  • Low signal mode

Where to Buy

On the appearance front, it’s hard to think of any RC boat right now that matches up to this Bezgar TX121. This boat includes a transparent cover available in blue or orange; when the LEDs are activated, it really stands out compared to others.

You’ll want to use this boat during the evenings and/or nights to experience it at its best.

This one includes features you’d expect like capsize recovery mode, a low battery warning feature, and a pretty decent range of 500 feet (over 1.5 football fields!) for use in a pond or lake. I’m considering getting a couple of these for my niece and nephew after watching a few review videos here on Amazon.

4. VOLANTEXRC Brushless RC Boat

Features I like

  • Brushless motor
  • Price point
  • Sleek body lines

Where to Buy

If speed is your priority, there’s no doubt about it – the VOLANTEXRC Brushless RC Boat is the product to go for. Its maximum speed is a whopping 30 miles per hour, but speed isn’t the only thing this RC boat has to offer.

This boat contains a brushless motor—less prone to overheating than cheaper models that use brushes to transfer voltages to the motor. Click here if you want to dive deeper into this technology. Additionally, it also includes a water-cooled system to prevent it from overheating even after using it for extended periods.

All of the features you’d expect are included: auto self-righting, reverse mode, and low battery model. This one doesn’t include LED lights or features like low-signal mode if you take it out-of-range, but definitely a good choice for speed.

5. FORCE1 Velocity H102 RC Boat

Features I like

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Standard RC controller
  • Price point

Where to Buy

The FORCE1 Velocity H102 RC Boat is among the smallest RC boats on this list. However, despite its small size, it packs quite a punch for the price point.

Its maximum speed is just over 20 miles per hour, ideal for children and pools. This one does have a low signal alarm, capsize recovery, and comes in a variety of colors like blue, red, green, or my favorite the Velocity X—the multicolor LED version

The most impressive thing about the FORCE1 Velocity H102 RC Boat is that it’s one of the most affordable feature-packed RC boats on the list.


6. Alpharev R208 RC Boat

Features I like

  • Included stand and spare propeller
  • Nose guard
  • Company offers many other models

Where to Buy

If the Alpharev R308 is too much, why not give its younger brother a shot? That’s right – the Alpharev R208 is a pocket-friendly alternative to the R308, which is almost as good when it comes to the available features.

You still get the anti-capsize hull design, LED lights, and still 300 feet of signal range as opposed to the R308 ‘s 400-foot range. It’s important to note you can control these comfortably boats at 100 feet even though the max range is 300 feet. This one is safe for saltwater, and while it doesn’t include an extra battery or carrying case it’s a similar boat.

7. Cheerwing Large RC Racing Boat

Features I like

  • Brushless motor
  • Fast
  • More features that cheaper models

Where to Buy

Out of all RC boats on the list, this model is among the largest, fastest, and most expensive. If you have a small above-ground pool, this boat probably isn’t the best choice.

The reason I like this boat is because it contains a brushless motor and has features like water-sensing mode, LED lights, and can reach speeds up to 25 mph.

For teenagers, this boat is ideal; a perfect entry into RC boats, without costing hundreds of dollars. For Christmas time and the holidays, a boat like this one can be a ton of fun to use in the pool—until you can take it out to a lake or pond.


So, there you have it – a list of the 9 best pool RC boats money can buy in 2022. To make a purchase that’s best suited to your requirements, here are a few takeaways to consider.

Mini RC boats vs full-size RC boats

Mini RC boats are great for smaller pools and are generally less than 20 inches in length. If you have a big swimming pool (or access to an Olympic-sized pool that allows boats) you can get away with a larger, faster boat.

Cheap boats vs hobby boats for pool use

Many RC boats under $150 are great for pool use, other RC boats are meant to be used in lakes and ponds. Since most RC boats designed for pools are affordable, they make great gifts. If you think you (or who you are purchasing one for) may become an RC boat hobbyist, start with a mid-tier option and go from there.

If you’re looking for a present for children under 10, it’s probably okay to compromise on accessories like extra batteries and just go with an entry-level model under $75. However, if you are a hobbyist, I’d invest in a feature-rich option with a brushless motor.

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