19 Practical Beach Gift Ideas for Him (Pictures)

Have a beach bum brother, surfer cousin, a dad who is always gone fishing, or just a guy in your life who loves the beach? If so, you’re in the right place.

Since being at the beach just hits a little different for most of us (do people still use that phrase?), a man’s gear is everything. This is true for those who may spend a handful of days at the beach each year, to full-time residents.

No matter what gift you decide to choose, from a guy’s perspective: Just keep it simple and practical. In this post, check out 19 of my favorite beach gift ideas for him.

1. Portable surf accessory kit

Portable surf accessory kit

Does he surf? This surfer gift and accessory kit on Amazon comes with Sticky Bumps surf wax and a surf scraper with a fin key.

This kit is one of those practical gift ideas he will use time and time again and includes everything you need for a day out at the beach.

There is a special compartment for wax to keep everything mess-free, reduce wax melt and reduce any wax leak. Plus, it all comes in a stylish and easy-to-carry case.

2. Arctic Zone Titan insulated beach cooler backpack

RTIC backpack cooler

The RTIC brand is one of my personal favorites, which is why I like this backpack model for a day of surfing at the beach. This one holds 20 cans

It is leakproof, waterproof, and has multiple compartments and pockets.

Keep in mind, that some of these soft-shell coolers, like those made by Yeti, are designed for guys that use a cooler every single week (or day), so if that’s the case this Yeti M30 may be a good option if you’re looking for a soft cooler to last a lifetime.

3. Predator Hi-Performance dock lines bag set

high performance dock lines

For boating, you can never have enough rope; this set includes four nylon ropes for all your beach, lake, and waterfront needs.

These dock lines are 20 feet long with a twelve-inch eyelet, have great reviews, and have been tested up to 7,100 pounds.

You can check these out here on Amazon. Out of all of the items on this list, this may just be the most practical and appreciated if he has a boat.

4. Nautica Men’s Quartz Resin Silicone Watch

Nautica Men's Quartz Watch

I personally love this men’s watch by Nautica. It’s made of stainless steel, has a multi-function dial, and is even water-resistant. Perfect for everyday use and at a low price point, this type of watch is one he won’t have to worry about.

It includes a modern-looking resin band, and much more affordable than your standard Swiss brands.

While he may prefer a higher-end watch for everyday wear, this one still has pretty good reviews, and is sure to look great with any beach outfit being made by Nautica.

5. The Bait Towel

The Bait Towel

Bait towels are the perfect accessory for fishermen, but they are also awesome for any beach-going activity. Theseare 16”x 16” and made from microfiber.

They come with an attached carabiner clip so they can attach to a belt or bag.

6. Hurley men’s board shorts

hurley blue mens board shorts

For a practical gift for any beach lover, he’s bound to love these Hurley board shorts. I own several pairs of these shorts myself, and can say they definitely hold up well.

These pair nicely with other Hurley shirts, are designed for surfers, and reasonably priced.

You can find them in a few different colors on Amazon here.

7. Teamgee electric longboard skateboard

Looking for something over the top? This electric skateboard by Teamgee here on Amazon is the perfect sidewalk cruisier, and one of those items most guys would love to have.

This one can reach a top speed of 24 MPH. Below you can check out a quick overview video:

Stars like Carolina Panther’s RB Christian McCaffrey cruise around on these electric skateboards, and ideal for any surfer or beachgoer.

8. Hurley Advantage inflatable stand-up paddleboard

Hurley Advantage inflatable stand-up paddleboard

I personally love Hurley products with their rich tradition in the surf scene, and this stand-up paddleboard is no different. Portability is the trend with these, which is why many like this model must be inflated.

This one you can check out here contains everything he needs for catching a few waves, including:

  • Hand pump
  • Quality waterproof backpack
  • Fins
  • Repair kit
  • Ankle strap

9. Oakley Men’s Holbrook polarized sunglasses

Oakley mens beachy sunglasses

This pair of Oakley Holbrook glasses are some of my personal favorites for less than $200. These are polarized (very important for me), and born out of Southern California are definitely the perfect beach sunglasses.

I prefer these style-wise if he’s into surfing, but Costa Del Mar’s are top-of-the-line for anyone needing a rugged pair of sunglasses that can withstand saltwater and the elements.

10. Wall-mounted fishing rod holder

Wall-mounted fishing rod holder

If he likes to fish, this fishing rod holder on Amazon is an excellent choice, super practical, and holds up to 15 rods.

I know from personal experience what a mess storing fishing rods can be without a holder, propped up against other fishing poles. For less than $20, you really can’t go wrong here.

11. Costa Del Mar lightweight performance long sleeve shirt

Costa Del Mar lightweight performance long sleeve shirt

If he spends quite some time at the beach or fishing, one of those must-have clothing items is a moisture-wicking and tagless long sleeve shirt, like this one by Costa Del Mar.

Most of these contain some blend of microfiber polyester and are a great choice for any fisherman. A few other brands to consider are Columbia PDF, Salt Life, Huk, and Under Armour.

12. Spikeball


Looking for one of the most popular and fun games out? Spikeball is the perfect gift for any guy in your life, and great for families as well.

I found it here on Amazon for under $60 and comes with a portable carrying case, foldable legs, a ball, and everything else needed to get started.

13. Men’s Rainbow Sandals

Men's brown hemp Rainbow sandals

One of my personal favorites when it comes to beach essentials is a good pair of sandals. This pair of Rainbow Sandlas is available here on Amazon I have actually owned them and can tell you that they have lasted about 5 years.

Known for their durability, you can either go with the classic brown, or dark leather, or hemp. I prefer the hemp since they don’t stain your feet when breaking them in.

Overall for around $50, you really can’t beat the value.

14. JBL waterproof and sandproof Bluetooth speaker for the beach

JBL waterproof and sandproof Bluetooth speaker for the beach

Every guy needs a nice portable speaker to listen to the game on, or relax at the beach with. This JBL speaker on Amazon is a great option, waterproof, and an excellent choice in this category of Bluetooth portable speakers.

For around $40, you can also find a smaller version of this speaker here on Amazon as well, which is a more convenient option you can throw in a backpack or clip on a beach chair.

15. Melin mens’ performance moisture-wicking hat

Melin mens' performance moisture-wicking hat

There are athletic hats you can purchase made from brands like Nike or Adidas, and then there are athletic hats specifically designed to perform well at the beach like this model on Amazon by Melin.

This one contains a hydrophobic exterior which is why it performs so well, in addition to the moisture-wicking lining. If he has a ton of hats that all look gross, this is one that will stand out from the crowd after 6 months of use.

16. Men’s Hurley plaid organic shirt sleeve beach shirt

Men's Hurley plaid organic shirt sleeve beach shirt

When it comes to beach clothing, it doesn’t get more comfortable, yet stylish than Hurley. Whether you decide to go with a basic tee or short sleeve button-up like the one pictured above you can purchase here, the quality is really something special.

I personally own 4 or 5 of these and can say they are some of the most lightweight yet durable shirts you can purchase for the beach.

They are also really affordable and come in those classic Hurley colors.

17.Β  Chippo: Where golf meets cornhole

Chippo - Where golf meets cornhole

If he loves golf as many do, this is a fun gift that he’ll be sure to try out the next time out at the beach. This game is obviously similar to cornhole but contains high-quality foam practice balls designed specifically for this game by the top practice golf ball manufacturer.

This kit comes complete with:

  • Two chipping mats made from artificial turf
  • Two reinforced plastic target boards covered in artificial turf
  • 6 practice balls

You can check it out here on Amazon and even watch a video on what it looks like.

18. Classic Billabong men’s straw hat

Classic Billabong men's straw hat

For that relaxed beach vibe, gift him this classic lifeguard straw hat by Billabong.Β  Made of seagrass straw, it’s essential for a long day on the beach.

I can’t tell you how many times either a bucket or straw hat has saved me from a red face on Monday morning’s Zoom call, so if he’s got the personality to pull this off, go ahead and add it to your cart πŸ™‚

19. Char-Broil portable infrared gas grill

Char-Broil portable infrared gas grill

If you’re looking for the ultimate dad or bachelor gift, this grill by Char-Broil is a great choice for a family or group beach outing.

Complete with an optional carrying case you can pick this one up for just over $100 here on Amazon, and contains 200 square inches of grilling real estate.

Killing time at the beach is really the name of the game, and this is an excellent accessory for doing just that.


There you have it, 19 of my favorite gift ideas for any guy in your life. Looking to knock out a bit of shopping for another beach lover in your life?

Check out these top retirement gifts for beach lovers if you need even more ideas (hint: not just for retirees, I love item #6!).

This post was updated on July 7, 2022.

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