Pool FAQs

buying a house with a pool

Buying a House with a Pool? 50 Smart Questions to Ask

Let's face it: buying a house with a pool can be a scary proposition. Everyone seems to want a pool ...
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private swimming pool

5 Ways You Can Rent a Public or Private Pool

Not in the mood for saving up to dig a pool, but still want to enjoy one? You're in look ...
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vinyl inground pool liner

The Owner’s Guide to Protecting a Vinyl Pool Liner

If you have a vinyl-lined pool (or are strongly considering one) it's important to know a few differences these have ...
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remove leaves in swimming pool

How to Remove and Prevent Leaves in Your Pool [Guide]

When the fall comes..well, so do the leaves. As a pool owner, they will become a nuisance at best, if ...
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Above-Ground and Inground Pool Lighting 101 [Guide]

As a pool owner, you have so many options for lighting the surface of your pool, whether it is an ...
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diving rock

Diving Board vs Diving Rock: What to Know

If you're in the market for a new pool, or renovating an existing pool, you have a couple of options ...
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hoa pool rules

Understanding HOA Rules for Installing Pools or Hot Tubs

If you reside in a newer suburban community or planned development, you likely signed some documents at closing from your ...
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Residential pool owner liability

Residential Pool Owner Liability Basics: What to Know

When the weather turns hot, a backyard swimming pool is a great feature of any home. Pools are great for ...
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