Need a Hot Tub Robe or Towel Holder? 7 Cool Ideas

Sick of wet towels or robes after using your hot tub? Or not knowing where to find one when it’s 30 degrees outside? I’ve been there.

It’s never a bad idea to have a spot where you can grab a towel and hang it when finished. Or toss it in a hamper you can leave outside.

When it comes to towel and tobe storage, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. It really depends on preferences like:

  • Do you prefer a free-standing towel or robe rack?
  • Do you prefer a hamper and rack to be left outside?
  • Do you prefer to wall-mount a towel rack?
  • Do you prefer a simple hook or a bar for hanging things?
  • Does the towel holder need to be weather-resistant?

If you’re not sure what towel or robe holder you prefer, below are a couple of solid options to go with whether you want something natural-looking or high-tech.

1. Milliard weather-resistant and portable towel tree

free standing hot tub towel rack for pool area

When it comes to hanging robes or towels, a free-standing towel rack like the one pictured above is a good option if you just need something basic that will hold up outside.

There are quite a few elegant towel/robe holders that are free-standing, but this is a great choice if durability is a top concern since it’s made of plastic.

If you experience high winds quite often, it may be a good idea to consider one with a base that can be filled with water to avoid tipping over.

This one is also adjustable and can be broken down, and plenty of spots to both hang and dry a couple of towels or robes.

2. Rolling luxury wicker towel valet

rolling towel valet for pool or hot tub

Out of all the options I’ve seen, this wicker towel valet by Crosley Furniture is one of the more elegant designs around.

If towel drying isn’t really a big deal, but you still want the convenience of having your towels near the hot tub, this is the perfect solution.

This is great to place under a hot tub canopy, and also has wheels for mobility which is nice.

Its built-in hamper is great for used towels and something that you can leave outside all week if you’re a weekly spa user since it can be zipped up when not in use.

3. Heated towel warmer and rack

outdoor wall mounted towel warmer

One of the cooler options when it comes to hanging your towels outside is to pick up a towel warmer. Simply hang your towel over one of these before your next hot tub session, and return to a couple of warm and toasty towels.

The one pictured above I found here on Amazon mounts to any wall with an outlet and is one of the more elegant options I’ve seen.

Here are a few features worth noting:

  • This device can heat up your towels in a matter of 15 minutes, making it the perfect accessory
  • This device can dry or heat 3 towels  at once
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Contains exhaust vent at the top
  • Is made of high-quality steel in a variety of finishes and UL-certified

Another thing I like about these is that you can connect them to your smart home system or outlet and turn it on or off while in the hot tub. You can even pick up a couple of these, and mount them side-by-side against a wall or structure with an outlet.

4. Small outdoor towel valet with hamper

towel valet for hot tub

If you’re looking for a small storage solution just for a couple of towels or robes, this wicker towel valuet is a great choice to consider. Perfect for guests, this also has a drawer for extra storage space or for placing a couple of used towels.

Most are made of rattan, are weather-resistant, and can be left outside under your gazebo or hot tub canopy.

If you’re considering any sort of hot tub canopy or gazebo as I covered in this blog post, this is one of those practical must-haves that can really transform your patio or deck into your own little paradise everyone will want to enjoy.

5. Freestanding teak towel rack with shelf

Freestanding teak towel rack with shelf

If you’re looking for a nice natural-looking solution to possibly blend in with a wooden gazebo or deck, this freestanding towel rack on Amazon I think is a great choice.

This company offers several accessories made of teak similar to this rack, and the perfect choice for matching a wooden hot tub cabinet or a wood canopy.

I also like the fact that it has a shelf to keep sandals or slippers or clothes from getting wet on the ground. This is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to using hot tubs regularly!

6. Personalized towel hangers

personalized towel and robe holder

This personalized towel or robe rack is just about the most simple option you can go with but adds a nice touch of color compared to others. It’s also the most affordable on the list.

If you have a canopy protecting your hot tub, this is something small enough to mount on one of the wooden posts or beams and won’t get in the way.

You can also find these hook-style towel holders in a variety of finishes and colors online. Some have the word ‘towels’ above the hooks, and others can be customized with a name or phrase.

If you’re looking for more hot tub accessory ideas, check out my post here for 15 of my favorites after you’re finished reading this post!

7. Metal towel hanger with shelf

towel hanger with top shelf

For a simple, yet functional robe and towel holder that can mount to a privacy screen or wall, this stainless steel towel holder and rack is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

I personally like the concept of having a drying area where you can store and hang your towels. Depending on your personal preferences, you can even add a hamper underneath this one, or take your towels inside when finished.


You simply can’t go wrong with having a place to keep towels outside near your hot tub.

If you plan to bring a few fresh towels outside to your hot tub when it’s laundry day, you may want to consider one that has a closed storage area to protect towels from getting wet.

However, if you typically bring your towels from inside or have a canopy, it’s not as big of a deal.

If you’re currently in the market for a hot tub canopy, be sure to check out my post 10 Best Hot Tub and Gazebo Canopy Kits for Your Budget.

Let me know what you decided to go with, and your experience!

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