12 Luxury Pool Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Space

Tired of spending 50 dollars on cheap pool chairs that will probably fall apart after a year? Not all pool furniture and accessories are the same, and as the old saying goes, you do ‘get what you pay for’.

Sure, can make your pool look like everyone else’s….or you can go above and beyond and add a touch of class and luxury.

Quality outdoor furniture isn’t cheap, but you don’t have to break the bank all at once. Each item you purchase is an investment you will be proud of in 7 or 8 years. In this post, I’ll break down some of the best luxury pool chairs, sets, umbrellas, and accessories to create your dream backyard  by category

What to know about luxury pool chairs

Highwood Adirondack plastic beach chair

Material quality is what separates luxury pool chairs from others that will fall apart easily.

Pool chairs that use high-quality wood (like teak and cypress) combined with material like Sunbrella will simply last longer than nylon and cheap plastic; higher-end materials are designed to look good over time, even if left outside.

The most common pool chair type is the sunlounger, but these are also the cheapest pool chairs–especially the folding ones. In this section, I’ll share a few more elegant recommendations.

Common types of luxury pool chairs

  • Adirondack-style chairs
  • Sun loungers
  • Mission-style chairs
  • Chaise lounges
  • In-pool chaise lounges

Be sure to measure your outdoor space carefully to see if your furniture will fit around your pool; before purchasing chairs, also decide if you’d rather purchase them as part of a furniture set.

1. In-pool chaise lounge chair by Floating Luxuries

ledge lounger chair with cupholder and phone holder

These in-pool chairs are ideal if your pool has a Baja shelf (ledge), and great for staying cool without being fully submerged in water.

1. In-pool chaise lounge chair by Floating Luxuries

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The one pictured above you can find on Amazon with a few additional accessories. These chairs you typically find at high-end resorts like Sandals; this one is even complete with a drink holder and a phone slot which I haven’t seen before.

Product features

  • Built-in cupholder
  • Built-in phone holder at the top (very practical)
  • Made in the USA
  • UV20+ rated

The Ledge Lounger is probably the most popular chair in this category at a similar price point and comes in different colors. Loungers of this type are in-pool chairs, but can also be used outside of the pool too.

Check out my post on Baja shelf furniture if you’re looking for a few more in-pool furniture ideas!

2. Cypress mission chair with Sunbrella cushions

Cypress Mission Chair with Sunbrella Cushion

Look no further than these Cypress Mission Chairs if you need a high-quality cabana chair, made in America, with stainless steel hardware. This product has 12 different fabrics available and can be painted in a ton of different colors.

This one is made of Atlantic Coastal Cypress, highly desirable for outdoor furniture (and commonly out of stock) because of its durability outdoors and rot-resistance.

You can find several types of these Mission-style and Adirondack-style chairs here at Fifthroom.com, a company that has been around for over 22 years and offers excellent support. If you’ve purchased the cheap Adirondack style chairs online as I have, you know how flimsy they can be!

Sunbrella Fabrics: the gold standard in cushion materials

These Mission chairs come standard with fabric made by Sunbrella Fabrics, a company known for making marine-grade, fade-resistant, and water-resistant material.

The video below covers why they’re so superior, perfect for patios and pools as a long-term investment.

A couple of these chairs will last for years around your pool house or pool surround, and they also ship for free via motor freight.

3. Wicker chaise lounge chair set by Valita

Valita Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair Set

For poolside lounging, a quality chaise lounge like this set by Valita is a good option for a couple of main reasons:

  1. Unlike real wicker, Polyethylene rattan won’t crack when left outside
  2. Groove design prevents the cushions from slipping
  3. Cushions are thick, fade-resistant
  4. Includes a side table for storage; perfect for drinks, towels, or anything you need.

Chaise lounges like this get a lot of wear and tear (especially by the pool), so you want something that both looks good and is practical. For less than $500 for two chairs and a table (or $1,000 for four chairs and two tables!), it’s also a smart investment.

I like this set because the chairs recline in 5 different positions, you have a lot of surface area (great for spreading out a towel), and the set also includes a one-year warranty for damage and missing parts.

What to keep in mind with luxury pool furniture sets

For furniture sets designed for outdoor use, you have consumer-grade and commercial-grade furniture. Consumer-grade furniture is often made of cheap metal and plastic, while commercial-grade furniture will almost always incorporate real wood and waterproof fabric that will not fade or tear.

4. Poly lumber 5-piece Adirondack bar set

Poly lumber 5-piece Adirondack bar set

For less than $3,000, it doesn’t get much better than this 5-piece Adirondack barstool and table set made of Poly Lumber, the gold standard for weatherproof furniture.

This set comes with a table (with an umbrella hole of course) plus four high-top bar chairs.

This set includes stainless steel hardware, is made in the USA, and can be painted in 5 different colors. The team at Fifthroom offers live chat and phone support, which I would recommend if you have any questions about colors, assembly, or anything else.

5. The Laguna Collection: a 16-piece teak wood outdoor patio furniture set

Laguna Collection 16-Piece Teak Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture Combination Set

Looking for an all-in-one furniture package? This 16-piece teak furniture set is perfect for years of outdoor use near your pool. If you don’t like mitch-matched furniture, I’d highly recommend a set like this; not only is the material high grade, it comes with the following pieces:

  • (1) sofa with seating for 3 people
  • (2) armchairs with (1) coffee table
  • (8) dining chairs with (1) rectangular dining table
  • (2) chaise lounges with (1) side table

Teak is expensive and pretty hard to find (even online), so beware of those ‘teak-like finish’ sentences when looking for teak on Amazon or other marketplaces.

“It’s highly stable, durable, and resistant to water, mildew, and algae. This is part of the reason it has been used for over 2,000 years for boat building projects.” —Rob Pelc, AdvantageLumber.com on teak wood

This set also comes with weather-resistant cushions which you would expect. If you want your wood always looking great, pick up a bottle of wood furniture wax like this one.

Teak furniture starts at around $500 apiece; this matching set is right in the ballpark for and should last for years.

6. 16-piece resin wicker outdoor furniture set by Sorrento

Sorrento Resin Wicker Outdoor Furniture Set

Similar to the last recommendation, this all-weather resin wicker furniture set is your ticket if you’re looking for a complete set. I like this set because you can actually purchase any of the items in this 16-piece set together, or separately which is nice.

Below is what’s included:

  • (1) sofa with seating for 3 people
  • (2) armchairs  with (1) coffee table
  • (2) ottomans
  • (6) dining chairs with (1) rectangular dining table
  • (2) chaise lounges with (1) side table
  • Cushions are available in light gray (polyester only) or Aruba blue, charcoal, navy, or orange (Sunbrella)

The cushion covers for the ottoman, chairs, and couch are available in polyester or Sunbrella fabric; Sunbrella as I mentioned will hold up much better if you decide not to remove the cushions.

What to know about luxury pool umbrellas

Umbrellas are a dime a dozen online, but the highest quality ones should be waterproof, weather-resistant, and able to hold up to wear and tear. I personally prefer cantilever-style umbrellas, but many traditional-style umbrellas are ideal if you use them with a dining table.

Before you make a purchase, a couple of factors to consider are:

  • The height of the umbrella
  • Materials used
  • Type of adjustability mechanism
  • What type of base is included or is needed
  • The total surface area of the umbrella

7. Cantiliver-style umbrella by Lausaint Home

I really like this 12-foot outdoor patio umbrella on Amazon for a couple of main reasons: it comes with a base, and also is versatile; this one is large enough to cover a couple of pool chairs, as well as a table if you prefer.

The foot pedal on this model (like others in the luxury category) separates it from cheaper umbrellas.

Here are a few additional reasons why this umbrella is ideal for pool areas:

  • Anyone can rotate it 360° using the foot pedal
  • It has a large inclination angle (which means your head shouldn’t get in the way)
  • The top vent helps circulate air
  • It’s made of UV-protected, fade and water-resistant polyester

8. Commercial-grade aluminum Sunbrella umbrella

sunbrella umbrella

The best pool umbrellas on the market will be made of Sunbrella fabric, a commercial-grade material commonly used for chairs and umbrellas. If you’re looking for an umbrella that will last, you can find the one above here at Fifthroom up to 11′.

Product features

  • Fiberglass ribs
  • Sunbrella fabric
  • Aluminum non-tilting pole
  • Made in the USA

I’ve seen firsthand how faded pool umbrellas can be, which is why this material is so desirable for pool furniture cushions and umbrellas (and costly).

This particular model is 7.5 feet tall, available in a variety of finishes for the base, and 17 different colors and patterns.

9. Double-top rectangular cantilever-style umbrella

rectangular cantilever umbrella

If you desire a modern-looking umbrella for your pool, this 10-foot rectangular cantilever umbrella on Amazon is a great choice for less than $500. You also purchase the optional lighting mount to use this umbrella at night; This is a great feature if you like to entertain or eat under a table at night.

You can either secure this using screws, weights, or the optional umbrella base.

Product features

  • 360° rotation
  • Simple hand crank system to open and close the umbrella
  • Cross base included with optional umbrella base.
  • 250G anti-UV fabric
  • Available in 3 tropical colors

My favorite luxury pool accessories

So, you have your chairs, your furniture set, and your umbrella. What luxurious pool setup is complete without the perfect accessories?

There are a ton of accessories you can go with (even luxury pool floats I recently wrote about).

10. Rattan-style floating handmade-in-Indonesia serving tray

This fun and surprisingly practical floating tray can be a hit at your next pool-based party.

I like these trays because they are handwoven in Indonesia, and have awesome reviews because of their high quality. Few trays are designed to last outdoors (much less in a pool), but this one actually has a two-year warranty.

The material is eco-friendly, durable, and you can safely place strawberries and other food directly in the tray. Cleanup is also super easy using a hose, and the material won’t dry out in the sun.

If you’re going to be entertaining all summer long, you may as well invest in a quality serving tray.

11. 3-piece poly lumber classic bar set

3-piece poly lumber classic bar set

If you’re tired of faded wood outdoors, staining, cracking, and chipping…this poly lumber bar set eliminates the hassles of outdoor furniture maintenance.

This is a commercial-grade bar set that comes in about 20 different trim and trim colors like gray and black as pictured above.

This bar set is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a material that is superior to wood because it won’t fade, chip, or require maintenance over time. This bar set comes with stainless steel hardware, is made in the USA, and also is guaranteed not to rot or become invested with termites or bugs.

12. Stainless steel propane gas fire column by Bond Manufacturing

propane fire column cylinder

Last but not least, why not complete your poolside furniture set with a nice portable gas column for those summer nights? There are many fire column options on the market I’ve found, and you can even match the rock or stone color of your pool surround if needed.

The one above is made by a company called Bond Manufacturing you can check out here. These units include lava rocks, a 1-pound propane tank, and 15,000 to 30,000  BTUs of heat depending on the model.


Hopefully, you now have a few ideas on how to transform your pool surround into the luxury paradise you’ve dreamed about.

Looking for more pool-related ideas? Check out my post on planting poolside palm trees as well as a few good privacy options for pools and hot tubs that I recommend. It’s never a bad idea to invest in your space with quality furniture and accessories that everyone can enjoy for years.

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