How to Remove Snow or Ice From Your Hot Tub Cover

In case you haven’t checked lately…hot tub covers can be expensive in this day and age. If you commonly deal with snow or ice, you need to have a game plan to protect your cover all winter long.

Over time, hot tub covers get brittle and can tear since most are all made of vinyl…snow and ice will only accelerate this process.

But don’t worry. In this post, I’ll cover exactly what you need to know (pun intended).

If you currently can’t even see your cover because of ice or snow, I’ll start with how to remove it safely followed by how to prevent ice and snow buildup.

How to remove ice from a hot tub cover

If you see large chunks of ice on your cover, start by lifting ice off the cover with your hands instead of sliding it. If you have a thin layer of ice, you can swap covers (if you have an extra one) and move the snow-filled one to a warmer area.

Tip: Don’t try to slide ice across your cover; you may end up tearing or damaging the vinyl. Ice can puncture your cover, add extra weight, and can even make the cover difficult to remove.

If you’re the kind of person who likes using your hot tub in the snow—monitor your hot tub after each snowstorm!

How to remove snow from a hot tub cover

To remove snow from your hot tub cover, use a long-handled snow removal brush to clear as much snow off as possible, being careful not to scrape the cover.

You can pick these up for a few bucks online; these things are much easier to use than your standard household broom for this job.

Be sure to remove any powdery or slushy snow before it has a chance to turn into ice overnight.

If you notice sleet mixed in with the snow, be careful not to slide these sleet pellets around as they can damage the cover too.

How to prevent ice or snow buildup on a hot tub cover

To prevent ice or snow from sticking to your hot tub cover you can either use a cover cap, enclose your entire hot tub, or even use a solar spa cover designed to melt snow.

Let’s start with the first solution.

Use a hot tub cover cap

hot tub cover cap for winter

If you must leave your hot tub exposed in the winter, a hot tub cover cap is a great way to shield your cover from snow and ice; simply remove the cap and enjoy your hot tub even after a big snow.

These devices slide on top of your hot tub cover and come in various sizes. Some have thermal properties to help trap heat.

Enclose your entire hot tub

The most effective solution to prevent snow and ice buildup on a hot tub cover is to place your hot tub under a gazebo, canopy, or covered screen porch or deck.

SummerCove 11' x 11'' cedar wood frame gazebo with steel hardtop

Ensure whatever structure you go with is rated to support the weight of snow or ice; stay away from cloth canopies or cheap gazebos that can collapse under the weight of snow or may blow away, break, or tip over.

Check out my list of hot tub canopy and gazebo recommendations if you need a few ideas.

Purchase a snow-melting hot tub cover

One cover I found that is quite nice is the SunCatcher solar spa tub cover. This cover was designed to melt snow if you want a modern solution to this problem!

The cover uses sensors to sense snow and directs warm air from the water to the cover to melt the snow. You can see how this product works here.

One last note

If it’s time for a new hot tub cover that will last a while, look for a high-grade polyester canvas and check out my post on hot tub covers 101.

A company called Covana also makes a hydraulic cover (unlike traditional foldaway covers) that can open automatically with up to 200 pounds of snow, it can support 600 pounds overall.

If you need a good replacement cover on a budget before the winter season, check out Florida Spa Covers. They offer covers to fit most models, custom covers, and cover lifters that are affordable and in a variety of makes and models.

Unlike cheap covers found on e-commerce marketplaces, these come standard with features like solid laminate underliners (not mesh) and high-quality (not recycled) foam.

Hope it helps!

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