Beach House Signs 101 (+21 Cool Ideas)

If you’ve just purchased a beach home, or are simply looking to freshen up the decor, you really can’t go wrong with a beach sign. Whether it’s a personalized welcome sign, a vintage metal sign, or anything in between, it can really add a nice touch. Especially if you plan on having people over.

Wooden signs tend to be a favored material when it comes to signs, as it’s a natural element that fits the style of most beach homes. You will often come across metal signs as well, just keep in mind that these may rust pretty quickly.

In this blog post, I’ll break down a couple of different categories of beach signs, and what to look for.

Personalized welcome signs for your beach house

Personalized signs with your family name on them are a great way to welcome guests into your home and add some curb appeal. Most of these can be customized online, and are printed on metal, wood, or composite material.

Depending on whether or not you will display this sign indoors or outdoors will dictate the material you should select. While metal signs will likely look great indoors for some time, they will likely rust pretty quickly outdoors.

That being said, here a few examples worth checking out.

Personalized tin beach sign made in the USA

personalized metal beach sign tin

This tin vintage-style sign available here on Amazon is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an authentic mid-50s vibe. It is fully customizable, available in a variety of sizes, and even made in the USA!

Personalized canvas beach house sign

personalized beach house sign canvas

This is another simple option for under $100 here on Amazon that you can check out that comes in a variety of sizes, up to 20” x 60”. This is one of the few I’ve seen that lists the location of you beach home, which is a nice touch.

Unlike some others, this one is very lightweight, and comes in a variety of framing options including, teak, gray, natural, oak, and rustic white.

Hand-painted personalized seashell beach sign

personalized engraved beach sign

If you’re looking for a nice classic piece hand-painted and personalized, look no further than this beach house shell design.

With sculpted artwork by Al Pisano, you can have your address, name, or favorite slogan carved into this weatherproof composite.

Personalized beach house anchor sign

personalized beach house anchor sign

This beach house sign is another classic option for any nautical-themed beach house. This sign is actually made of solid wood, unlike many cheap options that use partcile board, plywood, or cheaper materials.

Personalized neon beach sign

custom neon beach sign

One really cool option you have is to actually create a customized neon or neon-style sign for your beach bar or living area. You can find many of these customizable options like the one above here on Amazon.

I’ve actually designed one of these for a wedding and was surprised at the quality. Most of these come with a remote for turning them on and off, and are really a pretty good value for the money.

Beach themed signs

When it comes to the non-personalized signs, you’ve got a ton of options both for the interior and the exterior. Keep in mind that local art is almost always the best looking and most authentic, especially if you are looking for beach photography.

However, there are a couple of online options in this category that are made in America (even on Amazon and other marketplaces), so keep that in mind when it comes to supporting artists.

Vertical welcome to our beach house sign

vertical beach house sign

With vertical welcome signs being pretty trendy, this farmhouse design is made from pine, and in the USA. A perfect porch-leaner for your deck or entryway, with classic beach colors and imagery.

Beach house rules signs

beach house rules sign

If you’re looking for another American-made option, this fun beach house rules sign is made of wood. Keep in mind that this is an indoor sign, and quite a bit smaller than the others. Perfect for a bathroom or hallway.

With other beach house rules signs, some of these are simple, funny, and to the point. If you want your guests to follow the rules without being too direct about it, these ‘rules’ based signs are a great addition.

‘Relax’, You’re at the beach’ surfboard sign and bottle opener

beach themed surf board bottle opener

If you’re looking for some practical decor, this surfboard beach sign also contains a bottle opener, making it a perfect addition to your bar, kitchen, or game room.

There are several of these (like this one) on Amazon, that definitely will make hunting for a bottle opener a thing of the past.

Arrow to the beach directional tin sign

beach arrow sign

This directional beach sign is a perfect retro option that’s simple, yet perfect for any beach house.

With a vintage look, this can be placed indoors, outdoors, or game room. If you are into collecting license plates or vintage beach signs, this one will be a great addition to your collection.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere beach sign

5 oclock somewhere beach bar neon sign

If you’re looking for that Jimmy Buffet vibe at your home’s beach bar, this LED sign is a great choice. Handcrafted by the seller, this is sure to be one of the cooler additions for your deck or bar, especially at night.

I found this one here on Amazon for less than $100, and there are several other styles to choose from.

Authentic vintage beach signs

old vintage beach sign

When it comes to vintage beach signs, one thing to understand is that authentic signs will definitely cost you more and are more difficult to find.

In doing research, one thing that I noticed is that these signs can be extremely difficult to find online since most signs labeled as ‘vintage’ are actually reproductions.

Local art galleries, local antique stores, and a little bit of luck are the best way to find these, although you can find a few on eBay if you look hard enough.

Here are a couple of ideas if you’re looking for something authentic:

  • Vintage welcome to ____ beach signs
  • Highway signs
  • Old restaurant or diner signs
  • Local beach parking and signage
  • Old maps of the island or coastline you’re on
  • Old license plates
  • Old vintage canvas or framed photographs of the beach

Vintage beach sign and photo reproductions

If you are looking for a vintage look at a more affordable price range, you do have a ton of options. These cost significantly less and still give you that classic beach house vibe you may be looking for.

Below are a couple of vintage beach sign reproductions I thought were pretty cool.

This way to the beach

reproduction vintage beach sign -this way to the beach

Waterproof and made to withstand the elements a tad better than the classic tin signs, this directional beach sign is perfect for any walkway or boardwalk. These tin signs can be installed using pre-drilled holes many come with already, so this is a feature that often indicates whether or not it can withstand outdoor use.

Vintage Malibu Beach reproduction

vintage malibu beach sign

This metal sign depicting surfers on the cliffs of Malibu is a favorite for some 70’s nostalgia. For under $20, this one is made of metal, and perfect for any room of the house.

Classic The Endless Summer 1960s beach poster

endless sumer poster for beach house

Available as both a poster or sign, you really can’t go wrong with this sign on Amazon. A great tribute to the surf movie that started it all when it comes to surf culture. I personally have this one in my collection and is even available in tin.

Vintage California Welcome to the Beach metal sign

cali welcome to the beach tin sign

This tin sign is another classic 50s design that you can find with imagery relating to just about any coastal state, from Florida to California. I personally prefer these for smaller spaces like bathrooms, and for less than $10, you really can’t beat it.

Wildwood New Jersey retro beach sign

wildwood nj vintage beach sign

This is a nice 10 x 15 wooden option I found here on Amazon that I think is one of the nicer wooden reproductions I have seen. Outside of Wildwood, New Jersey, you can also find these wooden signs for just about any coastal state.

Vintage beach prints

vintage 50s beach print

This vintage beach print on Amazon is another option you have for giving your beach house more of a retro look and feel. There are several old black and white seascapes and lifestyle photos online that you can frame, making for a great conversation starter.

Funny beach signs

If you’re simply looking for something to make others laugh, below are a couple of classic options that I thought strike a perfect balance of funny, sarcastic, yet relatable. Funny signs is definitely a category in itself, but these are definitely great for making guests laugh when in the bathroom. Tip: place a couple of these in unexpected places!

Whale hello there

whale hello there beach sign

One of my personal favorites, this wall-hanger is perfect for any entryway, bathroom, or kitchen.

Get out of the sun

funny skin tone jersey shore sign

For your beach shower or deck, this one is sure to get a chuckle from anyone passing by for any of us Jersey Shore lovers (or haters). Beach parking signs are also abundant online and are quite funny as well.

Just keep swimming

just keep swimming beach sign

A perfect throwback to Finding Nemo, this small beach sign is a great addition to any living room or bedroom, and sure to make just about anyone smile. Distressed finish, and designed to place on a flat surface or hang on a wall.

I need a 6-month vacation…twice a year

i need a 6 month vacation twice a year

For any vacation rental, this is a great addition to any bedroom or living space at your beach house. With a pop art feel, this print on Amazon is made in the USA and can also be framed.


Especially if you’re looking for a special touch that makes you smile, having a couple of good quality beach-themed signs can really make your home feel like your very own tropical paradise.

For more ideas, check out the post I wrote on 7 Beach House Essentials Every Homeowner Needs.

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