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hoa pool rules

Understanding HOA Rules for Installing Pools or Hot Tubs

If you reside in a newer suburban community or planned ...
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dock cleats 101

Dock Cleats 101: Types, Materials, and How to Install

If you’re installing a new dock or replacing some existing ...
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dock build materials 101

Dock Decking 101: Wood vs Composite vs Plastic [Compared]

Decking is an essential part of any pier or dock ...
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Wood Dock Preservation Best Sealants and Products

Wood Dock Preservation 101: 4 Sealants and Products to Use

While many dock owners choose to stick with bare pressure ...
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living near salt water

8 Effects Living Near Salt Water Has on Your Home & Body

Living either oceanfront or near the coast is a dream ...
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5 Pros and Cons of Living at the Beach Full Time

5 Cons of Living at the Beach Full Time You Should Consider

For a lot of people, myself included admittedly, the thought ...
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Residential pool owner liability

Residential Pool Owner Liability Basics: What to Know

When the weather turns hot, a backyard swimming pool is ...
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planting palm tree near pool

Planting Palm Trees Near Your Pool: What to Know

With more and more people working and entertaining from home, ...
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Bottom of pool designs

What to Know About Installing Bottom of Pool Designs

Adding a design to the bottom of your pool? You’ve ...
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Building DIY Dock Bumpers

DIY Boat Dock Bumpers: Pool Noodles, Tires, and Other Ideas!

If you have access boat dock (or a pier that ...
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