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beach house

9 Drawbacks of Owning a House on the Beach

It seems more and more people want to own property ...
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10 Beach Themed Gift Ideas for Retirement

For any beach lover nearing retirement, celebrating with coworkers, friends, ...
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porsche on beach

How to Protect a Car Living at the Beach

Nothing can be worse than the effects of salt and ...
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hot tube towel rack

Need a Hot Tub Robe or Towel Holder? 7 Cool Ideas

Sick of wet towels or robes after using your hot ...
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dock mounted fish cleaning station

Dock Fish Cleaning Stations 101: Everything to Know

Enjoy catching your own fish, or supporting those who do? ...
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How to Childproof a Hot Tub [5 Options]

If you have a hot tub or are considering one, ...
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What to Know Before Hitting Golf Balls into a Lake or Ocean

If you're like me, you've seen people do it (or ...
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hot tubs 101

Hot Tub Covers 101: A Beginner’s Guide

So you've got a hot tub or are thinking about ...
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hot tub cover lifter

Hot Tub Cover Lifters 101: Types and What to Know

So you've got a hot tub (probably hopefully a cover), ...
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buying a house with a pool

Buying a House with a Pool? 50 Smart Questions to Ask

Let's face it: buying a house with a pool can ...
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About Me

Hi, I’m Baxter. Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, I absolutely love spending time with my wife at the beach, lake, or just relaxing in the hot tub after work. You know, the simple things.

My mission at WC is to help you enjoy life, near water, wherever you call home.