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lakeside proposal

5 Creative Lake Proposal Ideas for the Big Day

I recently proposed to my beautiful wife not too long ...
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;ledge lounger chaise lounge chairs on pool tanning ledge

7 Best Chairs for Your Pool’s Tanning Ledge

Looking for a nice 'pool chair' for your tanning ledge? ...
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How to Maintain Hurricane Shutters [3 Steps]

Since most hurricane shutters are accordion-style or roll-down style, you ...
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metal boat dock railing

Want to Install Boat Dock Railing? Read This First

Want a safer or more functional dock…or one that looks ...
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Pool Water Too Hot? 5 Cooling Solutions That Work

I personally can’t stand warm pool water, so I recently ...
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pool deck

Pool Deck Too Hot? How to Cool Off Any Surface

We’ve all experienced a hot pool deck on a summer ...
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Selling a Used Hot Tub? Here’s What You Should Know

Need to get rid of your hot tub, or wondering ...
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21 Routine Beach House Maintenance Items for Your Checklist

If you just bought a new home near the coast ...
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Luxury pool Furniture Ideas

12 Luxury Pool Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Space

Tired of spending 50 dollars on cheap pool chairs that ...
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fun hot tub games

10 Fun Hot Tub Games Anyone Can Play

Relaxing and chopping it up with your friends in a ...
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About Me

Hi, I’m Baxter. Born and raised in eastern North Carolina, I absolutely love spending time with my wife at the beach, lake, or just relaxing in the hot tub after work. You know, the simple things.

My mission at WC is to help you enjoy life, near water, wherever you call home.