9 Unique Gift Ideas for Hot Tub Owners

Have that friend who loves spending time in their hot tub?

Instead of gifting someone the typical bottle of wine or gift card, why not give them some awesome stuff they will actually use in or near their hot tub? You might be surprised at just how many hot tub items are on the market today.

In this post, I’ll cover a few of these hot tub gift ideas I really like. Many of these accessories are unique, practical, and cost less than $100.

1. Robe

Consider a quality robe (not a cheap one) if you need a practical gift for anyone who uses their hot tub a lot in the winter months. One that is super plush, moisture wicking, and warm is ideal since the person will be cold (and wet).

This particular robe by Luxome is on my list of top winter hot tub accessories because it’s not made of the same cheap terry cotton material most robes are. The viscose (from bamboo) makes this robe much softer than most.

It’s also made in the U.S.A and has great reviews on Amazon.

2. Hot tub gift basket

A custom hot tub gift basket I think is one of the best gift ideas on this list, because it can be customized to fit the personality of the recipient. All you need is a wire or straw basket filled with a few accessories specific to hot tub use.

Here are a few small accessories to consider:

  • Coffee mug (with favorite coffee or hot chocolate)
  • Slippers
  • Plush bathrobe
  • Floating hot tub thermometer
  • Chlorine or bromine tablets (if you know what they use!)
  • Plush towel for drying off
  • Swimsuit
  • Earmuffs or a beanie (for winter)
  • Hot tub games list (laminate our free printable 1-pager)

3. Cover cap

If you know what size hot tub your friend has (and you know they have a hard shell cover), a cover cap is a great gift that will preserve their cover. A cover cap is a weatherproof device designed to repel water, ideal for heavy snow and rain events.

Most caps have hook and loop fasteners so you can tighten them securely to the cover itself. These caps repel pollen, small debris, and just about everything else; caps are ideal for periods of time when the hot tub is not in use.

Many hot tub covers can cost thousands of dollars and need to be protected to last.

4. Robe and towel holder

towel holder for hot tub

No one likes to accidentally grab a wet towel that’s been on the ground by mistake, or a wet patio chair. A towel (or robe) holder is a pretty inexpensive gift that works well underneath any gazebo.

They even make towel holders you can mount to a hot tub cabinet like this one.

You can find these robe and towel holders just about anywhere. Some towel holders have weighted bases so they won’t tip over in the wind, some towel holders are basically a row of mounted hooks you mount to a wall or flat surface.

5. Outdoor towel caddy

I’ve seen a few wicker towel caddies at beach resorts over the years, but you can also find these for personal use. This one by Outsunny is designed for outdoor use, and I like it because it has two shelves for towel storage, and a bottom drawer.

Some towel caddies are larger and designed for keeping dirty towels, ideal if you want to keep used towels outside until it’s laundry day.

6. Wireless projector

A projector may not be the most obvious hot tub gift idea, but many people enjoy watching football from the comfort of their hot tub or pool. I’ve seen some people use the hot tub cover as the projection screen when the cover is in an upright position.

Check out my post here on hot tub tv setups to see for yourself how people watch movies and TV while sitting in their hot tubs.

7. Outdoor storage chest

hot tub storage box

Most people have a ton of stuff outside, an outdoor storage chest will surely go to good use. Anyone with a hot tub needs a place to store towels, chemicals, and just about anything else in proximity to their hot tub.

I like this one on Amazon because it has three different openings plus two shelves inside. I’ve used these plastic storage containers in the past and recommend finding one with compartments.

Be sure you find an outdoor storage chest use that won’t fade over time. I recommend rattan or wicker because they don’t fade as much as the plastic ones.

8. Floating waterproof speaker

A must-have for anyone who loves listening to music, or anyone who loves watching TV from the comfort of their hot tub.

You can find many floating speakers on the market, but I recommend one like this one by Altec Lansing if you’re going for quality. Other waterproof speakers you can find for $25-$50, ideal if the person needs a speaker they don’t have to worry about breaking.

I do like many floating speakers on the market that have lights built in. These are a lot of fun if the person you’re buying for has kids.

9. Table and chair set

Serwall Weather-Restant Adirondack Chair

If the person you are shopping for doesn’t have anything around their hot tub, consider gifting them a couple of patio chairs and even a small table. From experience, you need an area to leave your clothes, your keys, your wallet, and anything else.

I personally like hopping in a hot tub after work, but you always need slippers, a towel, a shirt, and a few other things.

A simple table and chair set simply makes it easier to have a place to put things so they don’t get wet on the ground.


No matter what item you choose, keep your gift practical, fun, and most importantly—tailored to the personality of your friend.

There are a ton of different gift ideas for that special someone with a hot tub. Check out my favorite winter hot tub accessories for more ideas. 🙂

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