9 Practical Beach House Improvement and Remodeling Ideas

Need to increase the value of your beach home or simply want a new look? If you are willing to make a few upgrades, you can easily recoup renovation costs if you create a highly sought-after rental. According to iGMS, highly desirable beach house vacation rentals can yield anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

If you’re in a competitive vacation rental market, a few simple improvements and upgrades can help your property stand apart from the rest.

In this post, I’ll share 9 practical beach house improvement and remodeling ideas most homeowners can implement without breaking the bank.

1. Install large windows

If you have any kind of scenic view at all, large beach house windows can make your bedrooms and living room really pop. Everyone wants to wake up with a view of the water or a beautiful palm tree, which is why windows are a good place to start for renovations.

No matter the style of window you choose, impact-resistant windows are a good idea especially if you live oceanfront. Casement windows, sliding windows, or even a large picture window can really open up your space. You will need some structural modifications for some windows, but for ocean-facing or backyard-facing portions of your home, it may be well worth it.

Depending upon the type of glass and material of the frame, installing a window can cost between $100 to $350.

2. Add a fresh coat of acrylic latex paint

Want to protect your beach home? A quality coat of paint from time to time is a no-brainer. May weather-resistant paints will protect your house from the impact of weather and the environment.

Considering painting your beach house? Acrylic Latex paints are a good choice because they longer than any oil-based paint. Good latex paint won’t need a touch-up for the next 5 years at least.

Depending upon the color, quality, and sheen, latex paint can cost between $20 to $50 for a gallon or more.

3. Choose the right color palette for your beach home

Once you pick out a good type of interior or exterior paint, be sure to choose a great color palette. Since a beach house has a different aesthetic than any normal house, you may want to consult with a professional before selecting colors. A simple consultation and color palette can ensure your home looks great.

Quick tip!

Some HOAs do have paint color restrictions, especially for beach homes. If you are considering painting the outside of your home, always follow HOA or community guidelines before you purchase paint.

Where I live, you can only paint shutters and doors a certain color depending on the color of the exterior. Many HOAs offer a bunch of different options, but be sure to get approval before you buy paint.

If you are unable to decide which color to choose, here are my color suggestions that always work perfectly for a beach house.

  • Tradewind: The color scheme matches the beach’s wide sky and embodies the ocean breeze. The way light reflects off this color provides an aquatic environment and a peaceful haven that every beach lover craves.
  • Hazy Blue: This is a bright, transparent turquoise with a medium intensity. It has a richer color than the classic Palladian Blue. As a result, it can withstand bright light without appearing shrill.
  • Tones of Earth: The color palette is gentle, neutral, and natural. Earthy tones bring the outside in while keeping it cozy.

4. Add waterproof flooring

Being close to water, your house can frequently develop rust, mold, fungus, and mildew. Where it makes sense, use water-resistant materials; you’ll protect your renovation investment from aging prematurely.

For instance, you can use clay tiles on the roof of your beach house. It not only lasts longer but also gives a Mediterranean vibe to your house. Similarly for the flooring, you can go for tile or porcelain for bathrooms and kitchens specifically.

While many people love wood, vinyl or tile won’t crack or dry out over time like wood in areas that trap a lot of moisture.

5. Install shutters

To give your home a beachy feel, Bahama shutters that prop open are an easy addition to your existing windows.

If you are looking to add modern appeal to an older beach home, wooden shutters complete with a fresh coat of paint can help.

Consider hurricane shutters

If you live anywhere close to the ocean, hurricane shutters are a more practical and cost-effective way to protect your home and even lower insurance premiums.

Hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles as I cover in this post; you can either go with accordion-style shutters or a motorized shutter system.

6. Hide electrical and mechanical components

Beach vacation is meant to be away from work, electronics, and mechanical installations. Your guests won’t get rid of their stress unless they see wires, screens, pipes, and mechanical outlets. Thus, hide these elements to present your guests a complete natural aesthetics within the house.

Here are a few ideas to hide unwanted eyesores that kill the vacation-y vibe:

  • Design charging stations inside drawers
  • Use cord hiders or integrate TV outlets in the wall

7. Install an outdoor shower

A simple outdoor shower is one of the most functional and easy additions you can make, especially if your beach home is raised.

Outdoor showers require excavation and alteration to the wall, slab work, and/or plumbing. Depending on the materials you choose, you can get this project completed for as low as $ 1000 for a normal hot and cold shower.

Wood is a simple and easy material for an outdoor shower that lives under your home. If you have a deck, installing a simple shower head for rinsing off is an even more affordable option.

8. Build an outdoor kitchen

If you own a pool or have a great backyard view, an outdoor kitchen is a great upgrade that can help set your beach home apart from the rest.

You can go the DIY route if you know what you’re doing, but I definitely recommend hiring a professional that specializes in outdoor kitchens.

I have seen outdoor grills with integrated countertops and a sink that you can technically install yourself.

If you do decide to install an outdoor kitchen, be sure you obtain the right permits before getting starting.

9. Add deck railing

If you want a simple, yet elegant improvement to your beach house, add a deck railing! You have a ton of options.

There are plenty of ready-to-install deck railings and modular railing panels available in the market. You can find modern cable or rope deck railing kits, or more traditional railings made of wood.

Check my post on coastal deck railing options for a few more ideas.

What other remodeling or improvement projects are you tackling for your beach home? Let me know!

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