8 Winter Pool Party Ideas and Tips

Just because the weather turns a bit colder, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun pool party. If you get a little creative, you can host the best party of the winter with a pool as the backdrop.

In this post, I want to cover 8 tips and ideas to consider as you plan your next winter pool party. Even if you don’t own a pool, many items on this list will be applicable.

1. Upgrade your pool furniture

cheap pool sectional outdoor furniture set

If you’re hosting a pool party in the winter or the summer, a nice weatherproof patio furniture set is a must-have if you have the space. You can find a ton of good pool furniture that will stand up against the elements.

Whether you go with an expensive teak or a less expensive wicker set, consider a furniture set made from Sunbrella material that can be left outside.

Check out my post on pool furniture ideas if you need some inspiration.

2. Consider a pool heater

If you still want to swim in the winter, a pool heater or a pool pump with a heating function is essential. Gas heaters are ideal for areas where water temperature needs to increase quite dramatically, but not really needed for areas in the southern U.S.

Prior to your next party, you may want to find a pool with a heater (if you don’t have one), or ask your local installer what your options are for heating your water to a comfortable temperature in winter months.

You may not need a heater, it all depends on where you live and the size of your pool. Check out my post on swimming in winter months for more information.

3. Reserve a private indoor pool

In my option, nothing beats an indoor pool party in the winter at a nice location. Vegas is known for some of the best indoor pools, so I highly recommend looking into hotels that allow you to reserve pools you’re hosting a party for adults.

Some hotel pools come decked out with lights, are designed for parties, and have enough room to set up. Another option is to find a private pool in a warm location you can rent.

I prefer the private owner pool option in many cases because you can create a more intimate environment. There are several online websites where you can rent private pools.

Check out my post, 5 Ways to Rent a Public or Private Pool for an in-depth breakdown.

4. Find a pool house

If you have a pool house (or even if you don’t) I highly recommend an indoor venue if you still want to celebrate with a pool in the backdrop. Your local country club or community center may allow you to rent out a pool house in the offseason…since they probably don’t use it anyway.

A poolhouse and adjacent pool surround (the area around the pool) is a great location for a party even if you don’t have a pool heater and can’t swim.

If you have small children, you can find a few good games to play, like R.C. boats.

5. Remote control boat races

If your pool is too cold for swimming, have some fun with a few remote control boat races. So long as the pool isn’t filthy, this is one idea quite fun and great for kids of all ages. For under $50, you can pick up 2-3 of these, and take turns racing or just playing with these in your pool.

I’ve had a few of these R/C boats over the years, like the one in the video below:

6. Build an outdoor poolside kitchen

If you have a big party in mind in the winter (or for your next party), one trend I’ve noticed over the past decade or so is the addition of a small poolside outdoor kitchen.

Most of these feature a grill or flat top as the centerpiece, complete with a few gas burners and a range hood. Many people like matching the backsplash to their actual pool backsplash (for custom pools), so this is a great project to tackle.

Nothing beats a warm grill when it gets colder, so building out a kitchen can be a great way to enjoy your pool area even in the offseason.

7. Purchase a fire pit or propane heaters

Outdoor fire pit bowl

If you have an outdoor pool and are planning a party, a fire pit with a nice furniture set is a great centerpiece of your pool surround for relaxing, opening gifts, and playing games.

Depending on the type of party, a couple of outdoor propane heats are a good touch in addition to a few high-top bar tables. S’mores or grilling out campfire style can be a great option if you have a wood-burning fire pit.

I prefer these standing propane gas heaters for parties. They work well with modern furniture and make it more enjoyable for guests to hang out around your pool when it’s cold.

pyramid style propane gas column

8. Consider a swim spa

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a hot tub while still having room to swim, consider picking up a swim spa. Swim spas are basically elongated hot tubs that can be used year-round, and are the perfect centerpiece for any pool party.

Even if you have your main gathering indoors, a swim spa is great for parties since many of these spas can accommodate 5 or more people. For kids, be sure you don’t use a swim spa at an elevated temperature (as you would for adults).

The cool thing about these swim spas is they have heaters built in you can adjust for swimming; simply set the temperature to a lukewarm swimming temperature and you’re good to go.


No matter where you decide to have a pool party, it is in fact doable with a little creativity. Colorful lights and decorations are a nice touch (especially at night when it gets darker), and don’t forget to activate your pool’s lights if you have one.

What other tips do you have for your next winter pool party? Let me know below!

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