7 Best Winter Hot Tub Accessories (#3 is My Fav!)

I personally love spending time in spas or hot tubs in the winter months, I’ve definitely learned a few things about what makes

Since you’re bound to encounter near freezing temps at some point during the winter, why not have a few accessories that will make your experience more comfortable?

In this post, I’ll cover a few accessories ranging from clothing to hot tub covers that I think are worth the investment.

1. Hot tub cover lifter

If you don’t have one already, a cover lifter is an absolute must for winter months. While you can technically get by with a cheap hot tub cover (without a lifter) when it’s hot, a cover lifter will make it a lot quicker to get out of the cold and into 102° Fahrenheit water.

Check out my post here on hot tub cover lifters (and what to know) if you need a few recommendations.

There are several automatic cover lifters on the market today that open automatically so you can basically open the cover from inside with your smartphone and not even worry about opening the flaps and folding the cover back.

2. Gazebo with metal roof

SummerCove 11' x 11'' cedar wood frame gazebo with steel hardtop

A nice gazebo with a metal roof not only looks great but can protect your hot tub in the winter when it snows or rains. I don’t recommend you purchase a cheap cloth top canopy; canopies with cloth tops tend to blow over in the wind, and I’ve seen many tops tear from being left up outside.

This gazebo by Summercove is designed for hot tubs, includes a metal roof, and also comes with privacy screens and a bar shelf on one side.

If you are considering a hot tub canopy or gazebo, be sure to check out these 10 best hot tub canopy kits I recommend. In this post, I cover a few good options made of cedar (or another type of wood) you can safely leave outside year-round.

3. Bathrobe for outdoor use

Even if you have a short distance from inside your home to your hot tub, nothing beats wrapping up in a plush robe before and after using your hot tub.

But not all robes are created equal. For outside use, you need a robe that’s thick and well-made.

One robe I recommend is this one by Luxome. Luxome makes one of the softest robes on the market today with a bamboo viscose textured knit. According to their site, bamboo is what gives these robes their ‘supremely soft (and just a little silky) feel”.

Luxome is a small business brand on Amazon you can feel great about supporting.

4. Towel warmer

Comfier makes a pretty awesome towel warmer you can check out here that fits two towels, enough for most people.

This device has an auto shut-off feature which I absolutely love for use outside. Simply drop your towels in before entering the hot tub, press the ‘on’ button, and grab a warm towel on exit. This model also doesn’t take up much space, unlike some others.

You can find heated towel racks to hang your towels that perform the same function. However, I recommend an enclosed towel warmer that traps heat.

5. Hot tub cover cap

hot tub cover cap for winter

If you have a hot tub cover (which you should), it needs protecting. Something called a hot tub cover cap is designed to protect your cover from snow, rain, and the elements.

You can find several of these ‘caps’ online that can protect your cover from aging prematurely if you experience severe weather like snowstorms or ice storms.

This one of Amazon by ULTCOVER comes in a few different sizes and is made of a waterproof PVC coating.

6. Propane heater

pyramid style propane gas column

If you wish to hang out a bit after exiting your hot tub, I recommend a propane heater or fire pit.

A simple fire pit or heater can put your patio furniture to good use year-round and gives you a place to dry off or take a break.

Pyramid-style patio heaters like this one I really like because they have wheels and look more elegant than some of the cheaper models.

A hot tub, patio set, and a couple of heaters can help you comfortably enjoy your backyard with friends in the winter, a time of year most people don’t get enough fresh air.

7. Waterproof house slippers

I’ve worn Crocs, tennis shoes, and even gone barefoot to a hot tub session, and let me tell you—you need something warm. For me, it’s not getting in, it’s getting out of a hot tub that’s uncomfortable when wet!

L.L Bean makes a nice pair of waterproof slippers here that are my favorite for this application. They are well built, highly rated, and offer great traction on slippery surfaces. You can also find comparable waterproof slippers on Amazon

Whatever shoe you decide on, make sure they can slip on and off easily and cover your entire foot (without having holes like Crocs).

Transform your hot tub area this winter

To make your hot tub experience as enjoyable as possible you need an environment you feel comfortable in year-round. For more ideas on transforming your space, check out my post on hot tub privacy screens or a few awesome hot tub TV setup options.

What other hot tub accessories have you purchased that you can’t live without in winter? Let me know below.

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