5 Popular Hot Tub TV Setup Options + Install Tips

So you want to add a TV to your hot tub area? There are many ways to do this, some installations a more complex than others. You’ve got a few variables to account for: water (obviously), power, the outdoor elements, sound quality, and last but not least your budget.


120V TVs and other accessories are not designed to be near water. Make sure your TV placement is up to code where you live, which is typically 5 feet away from water. Always use surge protectors and follow recommended usage guidelines for any electronic device you purchase.

In this post, I’ll cover a few hot tub/TV options I’ve seen, and give my recommendation at the end for what I think would be best for my own setup.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste and why you want to mount a TV. Let me know in the comments what you decide!

Option 1: Mount your TV to a permanent structure

If you have a hot tub on a screened-in porch (for example), your best bet is to permanently install a flat-screen TV on one of the posts around the porch using a standard TV mount.

Since you already have power and lighting, installation under a porch or permanent indoor structure will be easiest for most people. If you do have a hot tub indoors, I wouldn’t bother with the added expense of a ‘weatherproof’ television if you don’t care all that much about picture quality.

For most people just wanting a simple HDTV, you can pick one up for less than $100. If the humidity gets to it after a few years, you’re not out too much.

Option 2: Mount your TV to a canopy or outdoor structure

SummerCove 11' x 11'' cedar wood frame gazebo with steel hardtop

Since many people place their hot tub underneath a canopy for a gazebo these days, adding a TV mount is a pretty simple addition. Unless you have the area wired, I would recommend a TV you can snap into the mount and remove at any time.

Check out my post on a few of my favorite canopy and gazebo options for hot tubs if you’re currently looking for one.

Maximize TV viewability if needed

Since a hot tub has a seating capacity of 5-6 max, you may want to consider mounting your TV to a canopy or outside structure that allows more people to see it.

I’ve seen a few hot tubs include a swim-up bar on one side with barstools; this configuration is perfect for people hanging out or taking a break from the hot tub for a while.

Option 3: Use a hot tub + projector

If you don’t want to worry about mounting a TV, using a projector to stream games or watch movies in your hot tub is one of my favorite options.

There are many projectors on the market that are portable, and some hot tub owners use their cover lifters as the screen. Below is a short video to illustrate:

This is a low-cost way to watch TV without needing a screen or anything more than a simple projector. All you need is a tripod for the projector and a Firestick, Chromecast, or another streaming device.

There are a few good entry-level projector options online, perfect for this application. This one by Wimus has great reviews based on the picture quality, brightness, and autofocus for the price point.

4K Wifi and Bluetooth Outdoor Projector

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You can also connect a set of Bluetooth speakers if you’d like, and you’re good to go.

I’d recommend a projector if you only occasionally prefer to watch TV in your hot tub; a projector is also nice to have for parties since you will have more square footage than most standard TVs.

Option 4: Purchase or make a TV lift cabinet

If you want to keep your TV protected when outside, a lift cabinet is what some hot tub owners prefer. These lift cabinets can be placed alongside your hot tub so you never have to worry about moving your TV inside.

You can find TV lift kits on Amazon like this one, and actually, build your own by following instructions like these.

The more expensive route is to purchase one like in the video below:

If you want the ability to move your TV to your pool or another area, this is an ideal solution that can be designed to match your patio or pool surround.

Option 5: Purchase a hot tub with a built-in TV and sound system

Fiji TV spa

You can still find small TVs with lift cabinets as an option in some luxury hot tub models. Some are more expensive than others, but I did find an entire TV spa line at IntegritySpas with some options for less than $10,000.

This page on IntegritySpas.com outlines all the hot tubs they offer with optional retractable TVs and Bluetooth systems. I would call the manufacturer with any questions, as they may have newer TV and hardware options available.

Tips for installing a TV near your hot tub

1. Ensure you have a waterproof remote

Firestick remotes and many modern TV remotes are waterproof…just don’t submerge them in water. They are meant to be used in water, just not thrown around your hot tub like a rubber duck! You can find floating waterproof remotes by a brand named Luckystar that pair with most Smart TVs.

If you have a ledge next to your hot tub and a smartphone, you should be fine so long as your phone is water-resistant or waterproof.

2. Consider a commercial-grade weatherproof TV for outdoor use

If you must leave a TV outside permanently, you can pick up weatherproof TVs for this use case. These cost a bit more if they are commercial grade (IP55 waterproof) and a good set-it-and-forget-it option for most climates.

You can find a few commercial-grade units like this one on Amazon that is rated for rain, snow, and everything else.

43-inch Outdoor Smart TV

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support.

You may also want to consider what’s called a weatherproof TV cover if you’re on a budget.

If the temperature gets below freezing, unmounting is still generally a good idea; also during hurricane season or thunderstorms.

3. Use wireless speakers to hear your TV over the jets

led pool speaker

If you plan to have parties, you might want to pick up a good set of Bluetooth speakers to go with your hot tub since jets can get pretty loud. Some hot tubs have Bluetooth receivers, so you can pair the hot tub speakers with your TV source.

They also make some pretty cool waterproof Bluetooth speakers that float nowadays if you want something simple.


TV technology has come a long way, so whether you have room for a cabinet, TV mount, or just a projector hopefully you have a solution that works for you and your hot tub.

Samsung is reportedly building a TV that requires no power cable, so it will be interesting to see these outdoor TVs on the market.

If you’re looking for a cover to project onto, you’ll also need a cover lifter. Check out my Hot Tub Cover Lifters 101 post to help find one that will fit your needs 🙂

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