21 Luxury Beach House Decor Ideas (That Aren’t Cheesy)

Want beach home decor that looks luxurious? You’re in the right place. Today I’ll cover how to make your beach house look classy without the overly colorful and cheesy decor you might find at a tourist shop.

How to make your beach house look elegant

Sticking to natural, organic elements like wood and indoor plants is a great way to keep things natural, fresh, and in line with a chic coastal feel.

Colors like blues, whites, greens, and neutrals are great color palettes to go with as they are reminiscent of nature and the beach, and they will give your space a light and airy feel — perfect for your seaside escape.

If you need some inspiration decorating your coastal home, take a look at these 21 luxury beach house decorating ideas for every room of your house.

Luxurious beach house living room decor

In the living room, I prefer an open floor plan with lots of whites. Keep it bright, not cluttered, and free of bright colors, neon signs, and parrots!

Wall-mounted aquarium

wall mounted aquarium for beach home

Bring the sea inside your beach home with a gorgeous saltwater aquarium that you can build into or mount to a wall. This wall-mounted aquarium comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Instead of cheap fish tanks, this is a space-saving and stunning addition to any living area, and perfect for giving your home an elegant, yet tropical feel.

Victorian brass harbor master telescope

Victorian brass harbor master telescope

Looking for a really classic accessory for your beach house? Look no further than this brass marine telescope you can pick up here on Amazon for less than $200.

Made of brass and wood, it stands at over 3.5 feet tall and is the perfect conversation starter and functional accessory for any beach living room.

Jute area rug

Jute area rug

When it comes to the living area of your beach home, natural materials work well, and when it comes to your rug, you want something that is durable and timeless.

This handwoven jute area rug may be the perfect solution, and it’s a best seller on Amazon with over 17,000 reviews.

Bar serving cart

Bar serving cart

If you are into entertaining, a bar cart is essential in a beach house.

This wooden bar cart is the perfect accessory for any kitchen and is highly rated. It’s the perfect piece to stock all your favorite summer drink essentials.

Teak and seagrass chair

Teak and seagrass chair

When it comes to coastal decor, seagrass is always a popular choice if you’re going for a luxurious look and feel. It’s neutral and compliments any coastal decor.

You’re going to need somewhere to sit and enjoy your drink, and this teak and seagrass chair would look beautiful in any beach house.

Outdoor beach decor ideas

Wooden outdoor chaise lounge

Wooden outdoor chaise lounge

If you have a pool at your beach home, this wooden chaise lounge from QOMOTOP would be a great place to catch some rays before taking a dip.

Its ergonomic design has 5 positions so you can get comfortable.

Outdoor fire bowl

Outdoor fire pit bowl

I’m sure you can agree, there’s something about a fire on the beach at night — the sound of crashing waves and a star-lit sky next to a toasty warm fire is heavenly.

Create the perfect beach house experience for your guests with this best-selling fire pit from QOMOTOP, and tell your friends to bring the marshmallows.

Pawley’s Island polyester rope hammock

Pawley's Island made in America polyester rope hammock

Having personally owned a Hammock similar to this one, it’s the perfect addition to any coastal porch or backyard. With the spreader bar made of oak, it ages well and is manufactured in the Carolinas.

It even comes with a one-year warranty and is available here on Amazon.

Commercial-grade cantilever patio umbrella

Commercial-grade cantilever patio umbrella

This waterproof and fade-resistant cantilever patio umbrella is made of polyester and is ideal for any outdoor area and is meant to withstand tropical weather.

This one is perfect for both commercial and residential use, and unlike many of the cheaper models, is something you can feel comfortable leaving outside for an extended period of time if you’d like.

It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame, base, and a 1-year warranty as well.

Beach house bedroom decor

1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton 4-piece sheet set

luxury sheet set for beach house

You probably want a comfortable bed in your beach home with crisp, breezy sheets.

This 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set you can check out here on Amazon is highly reviewed, and come with everything you need including a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases for queen and king sizes.

This set has ultra-deep pockets and like all good Egyptian cotton sheets aren’t cheap. These have a Damask Sateen stripe weave, superior to plain white.

Unfinished vintage wooden mirror

Unfinished vintage wooden mirror

Teak, driftwood, and other rustic woods work well in coastal homes.

This rustic wood mirror is the perfect accessory for any beach home, whether or not you want to use it as a wall mirror or floor mirror.

Rattan bamboo headboard

Rattan bamboo headboard

Rattan is another natural material that’s a favorite among beach homes.

This Indonesian rattan headboard with a sunrise design comes from the Island of the Gods and it’s simply stunning for that luxury, yet authentically coastal design.

Beach house bathroom decor

The bathroom is likely a small space, so you may want to keep things fresh and clean. This distressed metal porthole mirror is highly rated on Amazon and would be a unique focal point in any beach house bathroom.

Woven seagrass basket

Woven seagrass basket

A woven seagrass basket like this one would work well as a laundry hamper in your bathroom but could be used as a stunning storage solution in any space.

Unlike many cheaper straw baskets you may find at a discount store, this one on Amazon is made from real Seagrass complete with wooden handles.

Metal iron and glass ship porthole mirror

Port hole mirror

It’s easy to go overboard with cheesy coastal decor, especially in bathrooms. This porthole mirror made of metal and inspired by ship windows from years past is the exception.

This model is highly rated on Amazon, less than $100, and would be a unique focal point in any beach house bathroom.

Seashell shower curtain set

Seashell shower curtain set

If you want to stick with a coastal theme in your beach home this lace shower curtain is right in line without being overly beachy.

The intricate beading of miniature seashells is the perfect subtle touch of beach, yet incredibly elegant.

Rustic American walnut wooden towel ladder

Rustic American walnut wooden towel ladder

This rustic wooden towel ladder is the perfect functional bathroom accessory to let your beach towels dry.

Reviewers say it’s super easy to assemble and incredibly sturdy and made of American walnut.

Luxury beach house kitchen ideas

Wine glasses with sea shell etching

Wine glasses with sea shell etching

Bring a subtle beach theme into your dining area with these wine glasses with sea shell etchings, inspired by the French seaside, and made in the oldest French glass factory.

These are incredibly elegant table wear to serve your guests and can be found here on Amazon.

Reclaimed wood dining table

Reclaimed wood dining table

Of course, you will need a place to gather for meals in your beach home.

This reclaimed wood dining table is made of pine, is 72 inches long, and comes in three finishes and may just be the perfect fit.

Rattan dining chairs

If you haven’t noticed, there’s definitely a rattan theme. It just works really well in coastal decor, and this gorgeous rattan dining chair set looks great in just about any coastal kitchen

You can find the set above here on Amazon. I like these because they are lightweight, available in a few different wood finishes, and perfect for any breakfast area.

Luxury beach house accessories

Fluted blue glass table lamps

Fluted blue glass table lamps

When it comes to your beach house, it’s best to keep the color palette fairly neutral with pops of color reminiscent of the sea.

This set of fluted blue glass table lamps is very beach chic and would look stunning in any room of your coastal home.

Framed California coastline black and white photos

Framed California coastline black and white photos

A great way to bring a coastal feel to your space is through art. Why not bring the beach into your home with some gorgeous framed beach-themed artwork?

These black and white photographs of the California coastline are perfect for any room in the house and add a vintage feel.


When choosing decor for your beach home, the choices can often be overwhelming. It’s best to not get too nautical-themed but to layer in small elements and accessories related to the beach.

Stick to light-colored walls, neutral color palettes, and natural, organic elements such as wood for a look that’s timeless and luxe.

Check out my post 12 Luxury Pool Furniture Ideas for more ideas to transform your outdoor space.

This post was updated on September 28, 2022

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