15 Flippin-Sweet Gift Ideas for Pool Owners

Looking for a good pool housewarming gift idea for that special someone? Truth be told, there are countless pool or pool-adjacent gift ideas you could go with depending on your budget.

But not to worry, because today I’ll keep it simple, and break down a few of the best pool owner gift ideas I’ve seen that I think are all pretty flippin’ sweet.

These 15 awesome pool gift ideas span a few different categories and price points that I’ve organized into three basic sections:

If you are interested in checking prices on Amazon or other marketplaces, I’ll leave a few links to where I found these products or where you can order them online.

Pool owner gift ideas $150 – $500

If you’re looking at spending a few hundred dollars, furniture is a great option in this price range.

Waterproof and UV-resistant furniture, cushions, or fabric is always an important feature to be on the lookout for.

Keep in mind that paying a bit extra for assembly on certain items like furniture may be a gift in itself!

Fire columns and fire pits

fire column for pool

Fire columns are my personal favorite for taking an ordinary-looking pool surround (or even a custom pool) into something much more elegant than you would see at a resort.

A fire column similar to the one pictured above you can actually find here on Amazon for under $300.

Most of these I’ve seen are powered by a standard propane tank most grills use, but you can find fire columns or pits that are wood-burning or accept what is called gel fuel.

These fumes are non-toxic and the fuel creates a flame that burns for quite some time. If used occasionally, this is a great option that won’t require propane tanks or gas lines.

Weatherproof poolside furniture sets

cheap pool sectional outdoor furniture set

If you’re looking for a really nice pool-warming gift for someone special, there actually are a couple of pretty nice outdoor sectional sets you can pick up for less than $500 on Amazon like this one pictured above.

This one is a 3-piece set with cushions, made of wicker, and even comes with a table made of tempered glass. You really can’t beat the value for less than $400.

Like all things, you get what you pay for in the end. There are several sets like this you can find online that are much more complete but a bit more expensive.

Lowes, Home Depot, and most other big-box retailers carry designer love seats for around $300, so it may be worth a visit to your local home improvement or furniture store if you’re looking for something more high-end and durable.

Outdoor bean bag patio chairs

poolside beanbag chair

When it comes to furniture, one item that is a little different than most, but really can help to cultivate a relaxing atmosphere are bean bag chairs designed for patio use.

These range from around $100-$200 to start and are great for reading or lounging. The one above I found here on Amazon, is weatherproof, and perfect for anyone who enjoys reading or being comfortable.

Pool basketball hoop

fiberglass backboard pool basketball hoop

If the person you have in mind has kids who are into sports, you can’t go wrong with a classic basketball hoop.

I’ve used my fair share of these over the years, and one thing I will say is that if you really want to go all out, opt for one by Lifetime with a fiberglass backboard you can find here on Amazon.

I have played on a lot of the cheaper pool goals over the years, and the ones with fiberglass backboards are definitely my favorite.

If you are looking for something more realistic and adjustable that doesn’t look super cheap, this is a good pick in my opinion.

In-pool stools or furniture

pool chaise lounge floating

When it comes to in-pool furniture, what are called ledge loungers are really the cream of the crop (that cost thousands of dollars), but you can find a few cheaper options like the chairs above here on Amazon that can be used both outside and inside a pool.

Weighted stools are another cool accessory and great to place in pools without vinyl liners.

in pool bar stool

Even without a swim-up pool bar in place, these are great to place along the ledge of a pool for reading.

If the person you have in mind has an inground pool with a Baja shelf, you have another category of furniture to consider: in-pool furniture.

For more info and recommendations, check out my post: 8 Baja Shelf and In-pool Furniture Options.

Chaise lounge chairs with waterproof cushions

waterproof pool chaise lounge wicker

When it comes to furniture outside of your pool, you can’t go wrong with gifting a good set of chaise lounge chairs.

The set above I found here on Amazon comes is a 3-piece set, including two chairs with cushions, a coffee table, made of rattan, and a really elegant option that makes a great gift.

Weatherproof chairs, including weatherproof cushions, are best, which is why it’s a good idea to start with a set specifically designed to be used at the pool.

Pool owner gift ideas $50 – $150

If you’re seeing a few mid-range options, chairs, coolers, and even tables can be found oftentimes for less than $100.

Side cocktail table and cooler

side table for swimming pool

In combination with lounge chairs or any type of pool furniture, a couple of nice side tables like the one pictured above I think is a great look, especially for anyone who entertains guests.

I found one like this on Amazon here. This one is perfect for parties, and even has a built-in cooler with a drain plug that holds up to 40 12-ounce cans with ice.

Cantilever umbrella

cheap cantilever pool umbrella

One of the best options on the list in my opinion is a cantilever-style umbrella like the one pictured above you can check out here.

These cantilever-style umbrellas make the perfect gift for pool owners since most come with a base, and you don’t have to worry about them tipping over.

Many umbrellas are designed for use on picnic tables and don’t come with bases that tend to be more top-heavy which is why I prefer the cantilever ones, but either is a good choice.

If the person you are buying for also has a chaise lounge or patio set near their pool, a cantilever umbrella is a good choice simply because it won’t get in the way of the chairs, and can be positioned around them a bit easier while still providing coverage.

Outdoor rug for pool furniture

A perfect compliment to a pool furniture set is a nice outdoor rug. Most of these you can actually find for $50 or less.

The one pictured above you can check out on Amazon here for under $100 is UV, stain, and water-resistant and comes in a variety of sizes.

Real or artificial palm trees and other plants

palm in planter

One of the most practical accessories to add to any pool are palm trees. Much like a fire column, many pools I’ve seen contain small palm trees along the perimeter either in planters or structures designed to hold plants like this.

If this is something you are interested in, check out my post, Planting Palm Trees Near Your Pool: What to Know.

Another category of plants that have become quite popular and worth looking into are artificial plants, like palms.

Many fan palms (which look great around pools in my opinion) like these I found look surprisingly realistic and obviously require zero maintenance.

Weatherproof storage container

wicker storage container for pool

One of those must-haves for any pool owner is a good-quality storage container for storing things like pool toys or chemicals.

Most of these run between $100 to $150 online, are waterproof and lightweight and come in a variety of colors.

I’m a big fan of wicker and weather-resistant containers like the one pictured above you can check out here on Amazon.

These are really easy to open and close due to their pneumatic rod supports unlike cheaper containers.

Pool owner gift ideas less than $50

While there are thousands of items you can buy as a pool-warming gift, these I thought were particularly interesting and fun, particularly during parties and at night.

Solar-powered LED pool fountain

led pool fountain

One of the cooler ideas on the list that won’t break the bank is a solar-powered pool fountain. These devices obviously don’t require any power or setup, can add a nice touch to any pool.

Many of these like this one Amazon I found also illuminate, which can really create some awesome pool effects at night.

Most of these cost anywhere from $10 – $50 apiece and are a perfect addition for parties.

Floating Bluetooth speaker

led pool speaker

Another affordable gift any pool owner is sure to love is a floating Bluetooth speaker. For around 30 bucks here on Amazon, you can even place calls with this thing when paired with your phone!

This is a personal favorite for under $50, and a must-have for someone who works from home, and occasionally takes calls from…the pool!

Floating LED lights

floating led pool flowers

For night swimming or parties, one of the more affordable options on this list is a floating LED. These look pretty cool at night, and fun for kids.

Many of these you can find online are battery-powered and waterproof, and even come with a remote.

If that special someone throws a lot of parties at night, these LED-powered floating flowers on Amazon are sure to be a real head-turner.

Solar pathway lights

solar pathway lights for pool

Another great accessory for anyone with a walkway leading up to the pool are solar pathway lights. While you can certainly go with a more traditional in-ground solar light, they actually make some really elegant lights like the one pictured above.

These are also waterproof, which is critical to have if they will be placed around the surround of a pool.


When it comes to finding the right pool-warming gift, you really can’t go wrong with accessories like towels, storage containers, or even a nice set of lights,

For more ideas in this category, check out my post 9 Privacy Options for Any Pool or Hot Tub Area. Here you can check out other practical ideas like curtains or blinds that may be a good option.


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