10 Best Amenities for Your Beach House Guests

Owning a vacation rental can be very lucrative. Statistics show that vacation rental income makes up on average about 24% of the owner’s income and it’s a fast-growing industry. If you have a beach house that you want to turn into a vacation rental, there are some amenities that will upgrade your home and impress your guests.

Another survey commissioned by Airbnb found that 97% of US travelers say that amenities influence their overall travel experience. Functionality is the first trait guests look for in amenities, while thoughtfulness comes in at a close second.

Providing your guests with certain amenities can turn your beach rental into an experience, setting you apart from other rentals by keeping you fully booked through the summer.

Today, I’ll break down the 10 best amenities to elevate your beach house rental.

1. Air conditioning

Air conditioning is always at the top of any list because it truly is one if not the most important amenities for vacation rentals. After getting sunburned at the beach all day, coming home to a cool house is essential for travelers.

Having air conditioning will also protect your beach house from mold by circulating and filtering the air and remove moisture from the ocean air.

2. WiFi

Wifi is a top amenity for any rental. Let’s face it. As much as we say we’re on vacation, and it’s time to disconnect, we are all glued to our phones.

These days, more and more people seem to be working remotely, so WiFi is a must. Not just WiFi, but the best WiFi you can offer based on the internet in your area.

Even though many coastal communities suffer from slower connection speeds, it’s something to pay a little extra for, even if that means offering hotspots or other alternative solutions for travelers.

3. Grill & kitchen amenities

A lot of times, people choose a house rental over a hotel because of the kitchen space for cooking. Having a well-equipped kitchen is often a top amenity that people will look for.

Those who are seeking a beach house rental most likely want to spend time outside, and having a BBQ area with a grill and outdoor dining area at a minimum is a perk that will photograph well, and can set your home apart.

When it comes to beach-related amenities, a juicer, blender, or other health-conscience appliances like a water dispenser can be an amenity people will notice and remember.

4. Commercial-grade washer & dryer

A washer and dryer is always a top amenity for many vacation rentals. Spending time by the beach dirties clothes more frequently than normal, so you’ll want to make sure you select a reliable model.

If you have the funds, a commercial washer and dryer set is a good idea, consider the wear and tear they will likely experience.

From washing wet and sandy towels to bathing suits, these can take a toll on a cheap washer and dryer, so it’s something to consider.

Especially for guests staying longer term, having fresh towels and a clean mud room for laundry is a key item to add to your checklist.

5. Swimming pool

Your rental may be located next to the beach, but a pool is still definitely a top amenity for the majority of travelers.

There are many above-ground or edgeless pool options that can be a great idea to have installed if you have a deck overlooking the ocean (for example).

Even though they do require more upkeep and insurance, it’s definitely a huge selling point for tourists.

6. Free beach access

When renting a beach house, most guests are looking for beach access. If your property is not on the beach, highlight how far it is and the easiest way to get there.

It may be beneficial to provide shared beach access through another property, arrange transportation, or have a golf cart or scooter available for patrons to use to reach the nearest beach.

During peak season, providing beach access parking passes or negotiating parking with neighbors or the town is a simple idea that really goes a long way.

Even if it costs you a few hundred bucks each season, guests will thank you for thinking of small details like this.

7. Lots of beach extras…from frisbees to surf boards

Having beach accessories can also set you apart from other rentals.

If you provide kayaks, paddle boards, pool floats, a jet ski, or boat, it’s important to highlight that to your guests. Those extra amenities could just be the reason they choose your rental over another.

One idea is a dedicated shed for house surfboards, wetsuits, towels, and everything else travelers may need. You can of course keep an inventory of all of these types of items, and require a security deposit if you are concerned with items being stolen or damaged.

8. Practical outdoor space

Having a comfortable outdoor space with nice, cozy furniture is so important for a beach home. While wicker is a popular choice, anything waterproof is key.

A fire pit is another great element to consider, with adequate seating for 5-6 guests. While you don’t have to go overboard, making sure that your outdoor deck area or yard can accommodate large groups without being too cramped is key.

9. Outdoor shower

An outdoor shower is one of the most practical amenities you can offer, and a must if you are relatively close to the ocean.

Not only will it make cleanup easier for your guests, but it will also help to keep your house free of sand and salt water damage.

Many of these outdoor showers can be built underneath your house if it is elevated, and not too difficult to build as long as you have access to hot and cold water.

10. Neighborhood guide

Creating a neighborhood guide for your guests is such a thoughtful touch and adds value to their experience. It’s always helpful to get local tips when traveling in an unknown city or town.

A great recommendation guide can really make your guests’ stay a memorable one. Here are some great things to include in a guide for your guests:

  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Nearest shops & grocery
  • Nearest landmarks & points of interest
  • Boat or recreation rentals
  • Safety tips
  • Transportation options
  • Any other neighborhood tips & tricks


Investing a little extra by having the right amenities in your beach house can add value to your home, and also help to increase bookings and repeat guests.

Providing your guests with sought-after amenities very well could be the reason they choose your beach house over another rental.

Take a look at what the other rentals near you are offering online, and do your best to go above and beyond. It’s definitely a strategy that will pay off in the end.

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